Sunday, December 27, 2009


mers a rockstar: im not denying jesus' popularity
phantomsangel102: hes a popular dude
mers a rockstar: that he is that he is
phantomsangel102: lmao.

Conversations with Meredith O'Connell are quite amusing.

btw. holiday vacations that do not take place in disney world suck.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i just want to cry.

just watched the E! special on the Jonas Brothers.
It just struck me that I can't even imagine my life without them for the past 2 years.
yes its almost been 2 years since my first concert.

theyre music is just so wonderful, so inspirational and pure.
its gotten me through everything and having such wonderful role models in my life has helped me to realize that dreams can come true.

so this may not be a long post but thank you jonas brothers.
thankyou for everything.
thank you for being in my life
its truly been a pleasure.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i cant believe I almost cried while saying goodbye.
i wish he wasnt leaving, he's been such a good friend.
hes taught me that I can be good friends with guys.
i just wish he wanted to be with me.
but whatever, she got to him first and I can just hope that in the future the right person will come along for me.

so thankyou PR.
i'm genuinely going to miss you.

oh and happy birthday to me,

tomorrow is my birthday =]

yay. i'll finally be 18.
its going to be a looong day thats for sure
parents arrive
buying stuff from the DUC and giving back books
driving home
then who knows.
i just want the exam to be over.
i have a french exam a half hour from now.
hopefully that won't take long because I really dont feel like staying there and taking it for forever. i mean i took french for 8 years and its open book. hopefully it won't take me more than maybe a half hour.
i just want it to be tomorrow. although it weirds me out that tomorrow is my birthday. it doesnt feel like it. i woke up this morning and i was like "hmmm...tomorrow is my birthday...weird."
well i better get ready to leave and then walk up to my exam
and while im at it.
dear psych,
fuck you.
love me.

haha bye.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

oh hay exams.

bahahah oh exams.
i feel as if ive been very productive today. woke up late, as usual and watched the lion king with the roomie. then...ate I think, showered, procrastinated a bit and then wrote my poetry final. It wasn't too bad I just had to make myself sit down and write it. Then after that I felt like I was on a roll so I decided to study for psych a bit. took notes on the three chapters on the exam and just finished like 10 minutes ago. I think my hand is about to fall off. Oh and I left and had dinner somewhere in there.
I'm glad I technically only have one exam to study for. I can't imagine having more. French should be easy plus its open book so theres no need to study.
Its simply because winter break and my birthday are approaching so my attention span is zero. I would much rather be doing so many other things. i can't wait till this psych exam is over and done with. worst 18th birthday present ever.
but on another note I think my friends are planning something for my bday. i saw on kaits computer last night a message from Sal saying something in the first line of "since veronicas birthday is coming up" or at least I hope thats what it said =]
ive never been surprised by my friends on my birthday before so if they are planning something i may cry. it would be completely sweet of them.
just 3 more days.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

best thing ever,

oh how I love SNL.
and taylor lautner.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i love my roommate.

she's insane but thats ok.
im gonna miss her over break =[

Monday, December 7, 2009

procrastination. the story of my life. its what im doing right now, well kind of. i'm just avoiding work because I simply just don't want to do it anymore. i have to memorize a poem which is going alright and then i should be revising my english paper but i really dont feel like it.
got an 89 on my psych paper that i handed in like a month ago. so glad i got it back, and im even happier about my grade. that class really sucks but since my last few grades have been better the semester should end up pretty decent.
i can't wait for break. and for my birthday. cant believe its next week.
sigh ok. nothing else to really say.
wish i had a good picture to put up here.
i guess this will do.
kait and i decorated our door with a disney theme. got the wrapping paper at target for 3bucks. its quite adorable if i do say so myself. besides, everyone loves disney =]
happy holidays.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

fashion update.

yes I really am this bored.
in addition to that last post I thought I would show everyone the new additions to my closet.
well the ones I could find online anyway.
yay. most of these i got a few months ago but I haven't had a chance to wear most of them.














well hello again.

i hate that i always forget about my blog. i used to write here all the time and now i just poof forgot. the only time i ever go on blogspot is to look at fashiontoast, because i absolutely love her. her clothes are just amazing and i wish I could be her! thankyou katie for showing her blog to me, and for also reminding me that i have a blog lol. seeing you at the ostermans and talking to you, i was like oh no! i need to write more! so here i am, writing about absolutely nothing.
so lets see, what has been going on in my life?
thanksgiving break is over. it went by way to fast by the way, as breaks always do. I look forward to them so much and then they just go by far too quickly. then again desales is a butt and we only got like a long weekend off instead of a week like most colleges. anyway, its a little under a week and a half until christmas break. i get out on my birthday which is fabulous. the only thing is that i have a psych exam on my bday. barf. i hate that class. its so boring and i just want to die. the stuff is interesing but his tests...not so much. im scared for the final because we only have the option of taking multiple choice and his multiple choice is a bitch. im so glad i took the short answer for the last exam though because I got an 83 and that will hopefully raise my grade up since my other exams were not so great. now i just have to get that paper back and hand in my notes for extra credit. my motivation used to be for a car but i know thats not going to happen now. i dont really have any motivation i just want to do well. psych is my only bad class and its really frustrating me. i love that im getting better grades now then i did in high school. i mean, my grades at rpcs were shit. i hardly even tried. now i try more but im not like obsessed you know? i was never a brainiac and i never will be. i try hard but i dont push myself over the edge. just...everything here is falling into place i guess. i just hope next semester goes just as well. im excited to be a dance major. i mean, i just hope everything turns out alright. I just would hate to get there and then to just be horrible. i know i wont be the best but i really hope this will jumpstart my dancing into highgear. its always been such a big part of my life that now i really just want to be good and to love it all the time. i guess my only worry is that when they evaluate me at the end of next semester that they wont let me fully into the program but i just can't think about that now. i have to try and thankfully my dance teacher right now loves me and shes my teacher for next semester. plus she stole me as an advisee.
so lets see, what else to talk about. christmas break. can't wait. i plan on driving and seeing everyone i can. dad said we might go up to new york or connecticut or something, who knows. i just hope i get to go places where i can dress up. i love dressing up and wearing my pretty dresses and heels. it sucks not dressing up everyday in college. i tried when college started and it was easier when it was warmer but now im just...blah. and im sick for the first time [i know epic right?] and yesterday I actually wore sweatpants to class. granted they were form fitting and they werent legit sweatpants but they werent jeans either! it was a big step for me. i just can't wait for the holiday season and parties and just fun things. so if my friends are reading this, invite me to stuff! lol
hmmm what else. New Moon. Wonderful. got to see it opening night, that was a fiasco but everything turned out fine. Paul took me. Sigh, i wont even go into that either. Hes taken, wants to marry his girl and he just sees me as a friend. I'm grateful though because hes a good guy. I just wish he wasn't transferring, I could use him as a friend. Hopefully we will still talk and he'll visit. If not, I'm glad I got to know him for a short time.
Goodness I feel as if I should just write everything here thats gone down in the past couple months but nothing is coming to mind. its so crazy. my first weekend home I got to visit rpcs and it was so strange to me. like i was glad to see some people and teachers but i didnt miss it. i missed the times i had there and all my friends but i didnt miss the place itself. i guess it was a nice closure. i dont think its still hit me that im a college student and ill be 18 in 2 weeks. like that just, wow. i dont feel old enough. i wish I did. I wish I didnt feel so naive sometime. so small and looked down upon. i know im pretty mature compared to some people i just need to realize it. i just hope i physically grow up a bit more. watching the victoria secret fashion show last night made my self esteem go down the toilet but oh well. maybe dancing will get me in shape? whatever, if i'm like this for the rest of my life I will just have to learn to live with it.
speaking of physical, im supposed to get my hair done over christmas break. i dont know what to do! last time i had put so much effort into it and had so many options. i cant decide if i like my hair now or not. like i do but im not sure i want to keep it. should i get red again or should i go back to being dark? oiye. anyone whos reading this, opinions please.
so lets see, what to look forward too:
second semester
yeah i cant wait for summer. i hate the cold weather so so much. it just, bugs me. i hate walking around campus anyway and now i have to bundle up. i love layers but not when i feel like the michelin man. i just want it to be spring break, since im going to london. cant wait, should be an adventure with rachel. then in june going to disney with meredith for her graduation present. maybe we will even take a little visit to harry potter world? yes. oh that would be glorious.
anyway, i guess im nearing the end of my blog. i hate the thought because im terribly bored but oh well. kaits napping and i dont have anything to do since my classes for the day ended at 11. i feel like i should have some kind of work to do. i need to organise something, i dont know.
but until next time my friend. hopefully i will get to winter break alive and i will update again. i need to find a way to do more on this MAC. i kind of wish we had like paint or like my last computer. maybe ill do some fashion updates with some of the things that are in my wardrobe? gha who knows. i just want to blog like katie, your blog is so cute and entertaining. and i love the pictures.
ok im really ending this. i will stop rambling.

Monday, September 21, 2009

i don't need no drama in my life, had enough of you, the things you put me through.

thankyou honor society for the title of this post. so i know i havent written in much lately but i need to know. i just need to write something besides a paper, plus im just frustrated, worried and upset. i know in the past ive written about how my roommate is amazing and all that jazz but lately she hasnt. now i still love her to death but im really worried for her right now. shes having a tough time with classes and i understand that but i really want her to talk to me. she was my first friend and i know what shes going through. having a tough transition from 8th to 9th grade, failing, finding out i had ADD, like everything...i know what shes going through. the past four years for me were a challenge and i learned from them. im really starting to realize it now. i just want her to know that she can talk to me. cry, hug anything. shes not very open about it and its worrying me. now i know that i dont know her all to well yet but i just want to help. i want to help so bad but every time i do it seems like im getting shot down. its just so frustrating. like today i asked joe if he would go sit with her at lunch and just talk things out since hes also a theatre major and he was more than willing. i see later on that kait twittered about joe and christine making her day so much better and blah de blah. i told him to go see her and ill never get credit! i care about her more than most and its like she doesnt know it or doesnt care. maybe im just over thinking this but when shes upset, it brings me down. i do that with alot of people. if people are around me and theyre worried or stressed, upset, anything it seems to rub off on me and effect my mood. i wish i wasnt that way but its just the way it is. i just hope that soon i can sit and talk with her, tell her that things are going to be ok, tell her that if she needs help im here and so are other people. when she says negative things like "i want to drop out""i want to go home""i hate it here" its just....ugh. i know its not because of me but you know this is all new to me too, i havent gotten amazing grades yet but im trying and its still getting used to these new friends, new enviroment, new people and when she says things like that it just brings me down. i want to give her a big fucking hug but she wont let me.
so kait, please girl just let me help you! let me be your friend! talk to me thats what im here for. you dont have to bottle it up. i understand if you want to talk to other people too and thats fine but now i feel left out. sure by the end of this year we might not be each others best friends but i defintely want to be close. i feel comfortable sharing things with you and i want you to feel that way around me too. i know this is a tough time and you may not think that i can help because im not a theatre major and i dont understand but i do. ive been in theatre, i know its stressful and hardwork. ive been through this transition before. going to one school, getting go grades then going somewhere else where its a different environment, different curiculum and youre just so out of whack that you feel hopeless and alone. dear i dont want you to feel that way. you are amazing talented, thats why youre on scholarship, thats why desales accepted you because they saw something in you that other schools didnt. i believe that everything happens for a reason and theres fate, thats why i believe im going to desales. it wasnt my first choice but they chose me for a reason that 8 other schools didnt choose me for. you are beautiful talented and strong and you will get through this, just dont bottle up, itll get you nowhere.

ok wow that was alot. i think im done now because ill probably continue to repeat myself. i know kait will probably never read this but im getting it out anyway. below this is what i sent to kait in a facebook message. it was originally written by the amazing christa black.

you.....yes, you. the one reading this......the one whose eyes are moving across the page..... you....are.....unbelievable. fashioned and created after the most beautiful being in the universe...the God who emanates beauty. if his nature is beauty....and you were created in his likeness, then you...are...beautiful. there's no way you can't be. your smile is just as it's supposed to be. your eyes. the way you talk...the way you move...the way you laugh. you are perfectly created to be just as you are. how narrow-minded are we to believe that only a certain 'look' equals beauty. and who taught us to believe that way in the first place? did you know....that in the 60's, designers decided that since their models were so beautiful and voluptuous that no one was looking at their clothes, they would go to tuberculosis clinics and get walking skin and bone hangers for their clothes to walk down the runway? what was meant to be a ploy to get more people looking at the actual clothes, society twisted into believing that was the new norm as beautiful. who defines your beauty? who decides whether or not you feel beautiful or not? magazines are air brushed perfect. BELIEVE one looks that good in person...and yet, we strive to achieve an impossible that doesn't even exist. until you love yourself...until you look in the mirror and actively choose to CHANGE your mindset about what you see.....others will agree with you. they agreed with me for years until i started to agree with what God said about me.....and dear changed EVERYTHING. you are loved. eternally. you are cherished...always. you're looked at and longed for by your Father who created fact, he's always reaching for you...always running towards you....always hoping you'll take one little moment, and look his way. his heart isn't for you to act a certain way....his deepest desire is for relationship with him....for you to know him...what he likes...what he sounds like...what his laugh is like....what his smile is like..... no matter what anyone else on this earth has told you or is telling you.... you are the point of violent love dying for you....waring for you....praying for you....fighting for you. if no one in your world is fighting for you....there is always one who is. always one who cares. always one who loves... forever. run into his arms.....they're always open, sweet friends.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

why am i crying?

like seriously, one minute im fine and the other im shaking in the bathroom in hysterics. what the fuck is wrong with me? Kait and some girls just went to Lehigh for a party and did i go? of course not. now in my defense my stomach does feel like shit after all i ate tonight but i still could have sucked it up. i think im scared. more scared than i ever thought i was. my first week of college has been fine but i want it to be over now. i guess seeing my parents today made this harder too. i just...i dont know what the fuck is going on with me right now. its like..i felt ready for i was handling it well and now..i just cant stop crying. i wish i could just change. be confident and not scared of anything. I'm always scared to take any kind of risk. i want to be safe. staying in my room tonight with my computer is safe. going out to a party on a different campus is not. im so worried for them. will they be ok? will they get there and back alright? i couldnt give a concrete reason as to why i didnt want to go and the real reason is because im scared and i dont know if i truly trust them yet. driving in the dark to a college where we know no one and just walking into a party with alcohol and shit. i im going to be a hermit for the rest of my life just like my mom says.
i cant handle this
i cant
right now i just want to go home and hug my parents and my dog
please make me stop crying

Thursday, August 20, 2009

i leave tomorrow.

and i dont think its sunk in yet. i mean i dont think it ever will. in my mind it will probably be like one long vacation. that always happens to me. i dont realize things have happened until they are over and i hate it.
anyway, i just finished packing. well hopefully i have everything. i know that im not that far away but i still dont want to forget everything. i have so many bags. i hope everyone has just as much shit as i do. i know i tend to overpack but i thought i did pretty well with the clothes. i really made sure to go through and pack only what i knew i would wear or need.
Ok so I was just texting Kait and she said she wanted to be mentioned in this blog. Well that shall be done!
What to say about Kait. I know that we havent officially met yet but I love the girl to death. I really hope we get along just as well in person. I know Meredith got really annoyed when I said that I finally found the person who shares my brain but you know what she has to deal. I love her but she needs to realize that I have other friends. I know we're close but we're not as close as like Katy and Torrey for instance. Those two actually do share a brain. When I video chatted with Kait...for over 3 hours...we were so much alike that it was starting to scare me. I honestly can't wait to meet her. I can't wait to chat about everything and decorate our room together. I know a part of me is scared for college but with Kait by my side I know now that I can make it through.

Wow i got sentimental there for a second. Like I said I dont think its hit me that tomorrow ill be leaving my house and not coming back for like 2 months. I'm going to miss my room and my privacy but at the same time college will be a good time for me to grow the hell up. I know ive matured alot over the past 4 years but I know that i still need to make some major progress. I need to get my butt in gear and actually work in school. I want to blow my parents out of the water by making good grades. I cant be lazy, i just cant. I really want to do well and improve. I want to be confident and brave and be able to approach people. I want to just be older and more responsible. I just hope that I dont sink back into my "just getting by" phase again.

Sigh we'll have to see how it all works out. I mean, new school, living on my own, boys...its going to be alot to handle but I hope I dont have a repeat of 9th grade. I'm stronger now and this is just more of the learning process.

Well until next time. Hopefully ill remember to write again about my experiences of moving in and getting used to college life.

Friday, August 14, 2009


so tonight made me realize something, how much i love fashion. my only follower and my awesome friend katie was showing me all her blogs and things that she followed and it just got me thinking. ive always loved fashion and when I was younger I tried to design my own things but i could never get it right. im not that great at drawing and my proportions were never right. i tried sewing but I got half a dress done. i feel like when i was younger i really just wanted to fit in so i wore what other people wore. for instance, in middle school I was all about LILY. the pearl neclaces, the hair to the side. i look back and all i can do is gag at myself. that wasnt me. it was me trying to fit in and be "preppy" thank god i got out of that phase. now the past few years i havent been able to explore fashion because of wearing a uniform all the time. ive always loved shopping and looking at clothes but when i would buy things they werent special. it was usually like tshirts and jeans. nothing special. over the past 2 years i feel like ive really come into my own in terms of fashion. it started more during the summer when i was able to search and buy more since i wasnt wearing a uniform. i realized how much i love dresses. theyre simple and comfortable. i realized how much i hated skinny jeans and how they cut off the circulation to my knees. and yet i love them at the same time because regular flare jeans just dont look right on me. its just lately ive felt the need to be more out there. im tired and this blog is probably not making sense and i cant find the right words. its just i know i still have a long way to go in terms of finding my style but i know ive been evolving. i want to be unique and different, have my own style. my biggest inspiration is demi lovato. seriously i want to raid that girls closet. shes girly, but bold and feminine but quirky. she can be complete and totally rockstar punk but its very girly at the same time. it just...all her clothes fascinate me.
ok so this blog has gone completely off track and i didn't say half of what i wanted to say. but at any rate i know i have a long way to go but i feel like im finally becoming myself. i love to try new things with fashion and i love learning about it. i kind of hope one day that i get a job writing for a fashion magazine. i look in my closet and although sometimes i feel as if i have nothing to wear i know i can always put something on and people can look at me and say "thats so you". when someone says that, it makes me truly happy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a week from today I move in.

So true its almost 2 in the morning but it is a fact...a week from today I move into college. Isn't that a scary thought? A year ago at this time I was looking at colleges thinking who the hell is going to accept this failure. Well DeSales you are truly a godsend. I couldn't ask for a more amazing college. I truly believe it is fate this bringing me to DeSales. When I go there I feel comfortable, at home. The people are so kind and I'm actually rather excited to move in. I'm ready to decorate the room and get situated. I can't wait to meet Kait, only the best roommate in the world. Well I'm assuming. Again with the fate. She found me and we've hit it off ever since. I hope that everything goes just as smoothly once we move in and actually get to know each other.

This summer has been going by so quickly. At graduation I felt like i had a while until I really had to worry about school again. Now its creeped up on me. I can't believe I'll be back to studying and writing papers soon. The idea disgusts me but it will be interesting to go to different classes at a different school. I know its college but I'm hoping its not super hard. I know my parents want high grades first semester and I'm not guaranting anything but I do want to get my ass in gear and actually work. I just have to figure out how I'm actually going to do that.
Also, meeting new people. I wonder how its going to go. I honestly don't remember that whole process at RPCS. I just...had friends. I dont really remember where or how I met them and such. It was like I was friends with them from the start. I hope I'm able to find a good group of people at DeSales.

Well I had a list in my mind about what I was going to write about and then it just went poof. I hope to keep this blog up more. I think it helps with my writing and just getting things out. Until next time my lovelies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

wow i should really start blogging again.

Wow excuse me while I wipe the dust off this blog. I'm sorry for ignoring it for so long but after I didn't need to be bored anymore I just forgot about it. Usually sitting in the library at school made me write out everything on this blog but that hasnt happened lately.
So I have a feeling that Meredith will stop talking to me soon. that means I'll go to bed. I will definitely update with details of all my summer adventures. Its alot to blog about but I will do it.
my life is good right now and i couldnt be happier.

Friday, May 15, 2009

i'm offically done with high school.

well....kind of. I'm done all my classes! I just finished my chem exam so now Its allllll over. I would be out celebrating...but I'm stuck at school. I have no way to get food and I'm sitting like a looser in the abandoned senior room all by myself. Fun right? No not really, I have nothing to freaking do. I would have left already but I have to be here for an assembly at 1:30. I'm going to be so hungry. I'm sitting here eating grapes right now from breakfast and I'm slowly eating them one by one hoping to save them and not be hungry. I'm thinking that won't work out too well. I guess If I'm starved I can always go to the school store. Whatever. Honestly right now i'm just babbling because I have nothing better to do.
Mimmo asked me to his prom last night. I really didn't want to answer the phone because I knew what was comming. I dont like him but I think he likes me and thats worrying me. I don't want him to try anything at his prom and I don't want to break his heart at the same time. Ugh. Its just like...I dont know I don't think I like him like that. And another thing, everyone wants me to wear the same dress but..I dont want to wear it twice in a row! If I had a different date maybe I could pull that off but I don't. I know Mimmo wants me to wear it again but I don't feel like it. My dress was special and was for my senior prom at RPCS...not some stinky prom at gilman. And then Meredith was all up in my business about buying another dress. Why the fuck do you care if I go out and buy another one? Its not your money. This is probably the last time I'll be able to get a dress for a special occasion because they dont do these things in college so If I want to get a new dress i'm going to freaking get a new dress. Its just annoying that she tries to control my life and I find myself worrying about it and making myself upset. It really needs to stop, like really. Snap out of it girl! But yeah, I don't know if I'm excited for this prom or not. I'll be stuck with Mimmo the entire time and I won't know anyone. Save me! Hopefully someone I'm kind of friends with will be there. Oiye.
So I start working at HDS next week. That should be fun, I hope. Mrs. Cain is such a sweetheart and she'll let me do whatever I want I think. It must be weird for her to see me now after teaching me in first grade.
Ok so driving last night! I got so frustrated that I burst into tears. I hate this parallel parking shit, and I fail at it. I just want to get it right multiple times in a row! I'll get it perfect and then the next 5 billion times will be wrong. I know I'm going to fail the drivers test because I'm going to be so damn nervous that I'm going to mess up. it sucks and i hate that i know its going to happen. I wish i could it. I wish it was easier to get. gahhhhh. but i was upset all night over it. it just put me in a bad mood you know? and then i had to study for chem and i was just...not a happy camper.its sad because i know im a good driver and ive been driving for a long time now and i think i deserve my license but this one thing will definitely bring me down. FML. like seriously.
im trying to think of what else to talk about but nothing is coming to mind. damn. its only 11:16 and the assembly starts at 1:30. I'm going to be bored to tears! I wish I had a movie or something, or at least someone to talk to. I wish I had food. yeah that food thing sounds really nice. ill probably make a trip to the school store before the assembly who knows. sigh this sucks.
ok im leaving,im going to stop depressing my readers.

Monday, May 11, 2009

less than a month until graduation.

yes this week is my last week of classes. everyone else is mostly just winding down and doing nothing...i have so much freaking work. i have my math and chem exams this friday and thursday and i have no time to study, nor the energy. that brings me to prom...
prom was fun. ill provide pictures at the end of this post [if it works]. the one realization that came out of this was... i dont like mimmo. there i said it. sarah was talking to me at prom about kissing mimmo and i was just like..turned off by it. i was like..meh. i started to think that maybe i just see him as a friend. he tried to be close to me all night but i kind of just shrugged him off or did get close back. i know that sounds so rude but i didnt want to be all cuddly and give off the wrong impression. i feel like i was that way last year because the night before prom we went out and i kind of liked him them. this year i just..didnt. and i feel like if i wanted to kiss him i would be happy and about it and want to do. but i just..dont. i know probably half of it is because im scared but i feel like i should want to kiss someone you know? i just hope it happens to me in college. like i meet someone that i genuinely like. i wish i had more to write here about drama at prom but that was really it. sarah and edun were kissy and touchy and cute as ever. courtneys date was the biggest dork ever but he was super hilarious. he had a chess set with him, enough said. i loved my dress and i was glad that nothing major happened to it. i didnt fall and trip and the dress didnt rip. my hair held up well and im glad richard chose to curl it. i feel like my hair looks better curly than straight. i can't wait to get it cut and dyed again. i dont know what the hell im going to do with it but i really want kristen stewart hair lolol.
so after this week i go work at harford day, that should be interesting. i still have no idea what im doing but i hope it will be fun and not a complete waste of 2 weeks. im excited for the yearbook thing comming up. i cant wait to see that in person finally. its nice when you work on it because you already know what it looks like but you still want to see it in paper, not just on a computer screen.
i should probably go now and work on my english essay. another spy paper. oiye. its a movie review which isnt bad, i just have to focus. its better than reading another book though. even though that class was a pain in my butt i still liked it. it was interesting. same with bible. now lets just pray that i can pass these math and chem exams so i can actually graduate!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

its over now the music of the night

the dance concert is overrrrrrr. and im so excited. and yes im a little sad seeing as today I will be giving away my rose [to tracy no less! i'm so excited for her] and this is technically the last week of classes. it hasn't hit me yet because i still have so much work but wow things are really winding down. and i should be studying for chem right now but my ADD is getting the better of me.
so the dance concert overall went really well i thought. i dont remember being scary nervous or messing up. sure my solo was a little nerve racking but everyone said it looked great. its the best feeling when you get out on stage and youre thinking 'oh god this is it, not turning back now" but when the music starts you just...go. its like once you hear that music and the light hits you th world is gone. you dont see anything around you and you just, well, dance. i never realized how incredible it was. so i was in 9 dances and i thought at some points i was going to pull my hair out. the whole fiasco with tapline really ate at me for a while but everything turned out to be fine. i was just scared of getting that crap off my face before the finale. i feel like i should have done better with the finale but it was the dance tht we learned last and the final night i got the ending correct so I think that was an acomplishment. i have so many bruises right now it looks like someone beat me. leah stepped on my hand, more than once actually, during one dance and now it looks hideous. and my elbows have huuuuge bruises on them. i hope they semi go away before prom. the hand one i dont really care about seeing as that can be explained and hidden in pictures. the elbows not so much. at least my dress is long so they dont have to see my knees and feet. but mimmo came to see me dance on sunday. all the senior roses kind of forced him poor guy but it was nice that he made the effort to show up. it was nice to see him again. i hate though whenever i see him i get bombarded by questions about if we're dating. the honest answer is i have no idea in hell. this thing that we have has been going on for like more than a year and i still dont know what to make of it. it would be kind of pointless to get a boyfriend now anyway since im going off to college. that reminds me, if it wasnt official before it is now. DeSales Class of 2013! I sent the deposit in and i got the packet in the mail with my email and everything. again i dont think thats sunk in either. gah my world is spinning so fast. i only have this week and like half of next week before i go off to do my senior project. then i come back for like yearbook and other random things and then bam class day and graduation. so so weird.
so i feel like i have so much more to write but my mind is blank. i had a horrible headache this morning and hopefully it wont come back because i have a stupid chem test today. which i will fail btw. its bound to happen. ive had no energy or brain power to study and pay attention in class so im screwed but what else is new? i dont understand math either and i have a quiz in that tomorrow. shoot me now.
well i guess lily will be here any minute. i hope we can work on our bible lit project today. its supposed to be due on friday... and we're dancing...something i havent done in a while! not.
ok now im going, really i am.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

i dont know what to write here.

surprise, I have nothing to talk about. honestly i'm just sitting here in the library really bored. nothing major has happened to me since i last posted. the things on my mind are prom, homework and the dance concert. i'll be ready when the dance concert is overrrrr. so much stress. i honestly don't have enough time in the day to do anything anymore. its madenning. hopefully things will calm down soon.
so this weekend is laramie project. i'm excited to see it, it should be good.
net week starts the many rehearsals for the dance concert. then thats over the weekend. everyone should come.
then the next weekend is prom. im super excited. i hope its really good this year. i havent talked to mimmo yet about details, i just keep forgetting. oh well. il figure something out.
so thats honestly whats on my mind. and this solo. i have an idea in my head of the ending i just hope i can make it work. -insert tim gunn here- lol. wow im random. i hope today goes by quickly. i want to skip my classes all together. im just sick of school. gah.
anyway...i feel lame for not having something to talk about. le sigh. i guess i'll just leave it at that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a little less than 2 months left....

can time really be going this quickly? Senior year is going by in a flash and I don't know if I'm excited to get out or just masking my fear. I'm excited for college. I'm excited for DeSales but it hit me the other day that these girls that have been around me for the past 4 years...after June I may never see them again. I'm also really nervous about loosing the friends I have now. I always thought I would be friends with my middle school friends till the end but I don't even talk to them now. Even Kelsey who went to RPCS with me and then moved I don't even keep in contact with. Heck even Courtney who still goes here i still don't see. I really hope I can stay in touch and be friends with Lily and Sarah forever. The other girls I'd like to see too but these two i don't think I could bare to loose. Same with Tracy but shes still going to be at RPCS for awhile so thats ok.
And Meredith, oh Meredith. Last Friday when she called me in a panic over France I just wanted to give up. I asked myself why I was still friends with her after all the shit that I've been through. The first few days I was fine that she was gone. I wasn't chained to my computer and such but then when like Jonas news would occur or anything else random...I had no one to tell about it. Now its just getting annoying. I admit it...I miss her. I miss are random conversations and opinions about what the bros did today. I know I'm telling her everything thats happening while shes in france but its not the same.
Well...lets move on to this. Lets see...what has happened in the past week or so. Well it was easter weekend and that was fun. Went down to Hamden and finally went to Cafe Hon. Except I was really upset that I couldn't get a burger for religious reasons. Then saturday i was lazy and didn't do anything ecept that night I saw the Hannah Montana movie. It was freaking awesome. I loved it and seeing it with Nicole just made it completely random and awesome. Shhhhmiley miley! LOL. Lucas Till was a hottie and I have to admit I liked him, although I don't think I'll become a fan girl anytime soon. I do hope to see the movie again. Sunday was fun with easter. I was in a crappy mood in the morning for girly reasons but after that I was ok. I honestly felt like I was going to fall asleep in church. My head kept bobbing. Nicky brought his girlfriend to easter dinner. I thought she was an absolute sweetheart and I sat and talked to her for ages. I've heard that Aunt Charlotte doesn't really care for her but I understand her reasons. Its because she had a past of divorce and things but honestly at Nicky's age thats what hes going to find. Either that or they have kids. I know Aunt Charlotte is possessive but she needs to look at her personality too because she really did have a great personality. Monday was the longest day of my life but I had fun. I got to Lily's at 10 and then we went to school and choreographed our bit of Chorus Line. I can't wait until its perfected, its going to be awesome. I'm excited for this dance concert. Which reminds me....I need to work on that solo today. Greeeeat. Anyway but I spent the whole day with Lily and then we had Roses rehearsal from 3-8. It was long but it was tons of fun. I love those girls.
So now I'm back in school after break. its raining and im in the library as usual, avoiding doing reading for bible lit. i'm sick of school. of writing papers and doing work. i just want it to be over. im ready for college and a new routine.well i hope i am and im just not thinking that. but i think every day i get more and more mature and more ready for new things. i find myself being more independent and taking care of things right away. like that stupid paper that was due yesterday. i wont even begin to describe that fiasco.
so another thing...i have a prom date. the tony thing didnt work out obviously (or else that would have been a whole entry in itself) but i asked mimmo and he was pleasantly happy. he was really cheery on the phone and it made me feel loads better. its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. i have a gorgeous dress and shoes and now i know i'll have a good time.
this weekend is Boston and I'm hoping everything goes well, for me and my daddy. last year was a mess because of Boston but hopefully this year I have everything already planned out and I've been telling my teachers of my absense. I hope i get a picture of my dad this year and I dont mess up like last year. oiye i love that story.
ok well i want to keep writing but my wrist really hurts. i should get back to reading saddly. but anyone who happens to read this...text to me..lets hang out in these last few weeks that i have. i want to see everyone and do everything before college because i know that even though i'm moving on to new things i still want to hold on to what i have right now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

excuse my french in this short rant.

this is freaking rediculous.
i mean seriously
i sent the message on what..wednesday?
its now almost sunday
and he was online today
so he must be blind to see that he had a new message
it just makes me feel like shit because its just another fucking regection


now good freaking night.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

im back.

so im sitting in the pub...once more and yet the yearbook is done.
done i tell you! i have nothing to do anymore.
and im sitting here with no uniform. dont have to wear one anymore!
im so siked. i never thought i would be so happy about not having a uniform.
so that leads me to what my mom said this morning. she was like "your dad wants you to look nice these last days of school." i was like "well I think i look nice everyday" a fashionable person. i try to look decent everyday i think. i dont buy shitty clothes, i dont wear sweatpants blah de blah. so my mom is like "well dont wear your ghetto clothes" i was like...excuse me? like does she really think i look bad everyday? i was really insulted. i try to look nice all the time. it just really pissed me off you know?
so spring break is over. i was in miami and had a blast. sarahs parents were meh but being with sarah rocked. i hope i have a roommate like her. i hope i have a roommate whos my best friend
which brings me to college again. i've been regected from 4 colleges. 4! it kind of sucks. but im not too bummed about it. i got into DeSales and thats all that matters. i got in somewhere that i liked so thats cool. and id be happy if i went there. im sick of my parents being so secretive about where i did or didnt get in to people. i got into the places i did because thats where im supposed to go. ill be happy there. the other places i wouldnt be happy so thats that. im sick of talking about it. they should be happy that i got in somewhere. sure its not a freaking ivyleague and not everyone knows the name but its a good school!
gah so frustrating.
but thats my life.
and i need a prom date.
yes katy this is directed at you lol
because youre the only one who reads my blog lolol. my mom now knows his name and keeps bugging me about a date. you know what, its my problem. i will deal with it! grrrrr. its just whenever this comes up mer is always like "and if you dont have a date its fine" no. no its not fine! i go to a relatively small all girls school, if i dont have a screwed. i need a date. i need a date. the end.
in other news my computer performed a miracle.
the day before i was supposed to go to miami my comp freaked and was like VIRUS and then wouldnt let me go to websites and stuff. it would let me go to facebook and livejournal but nothing else, not even my school website! so i took it to sarahs and her dad looked at it and then was like "well its a lost cause" and i was like "shit". like i thought i would be spending this period right now in tech begging them to just reimage it. but i came back and....its fine. sure its still sick [probably] but its working as well as it was before. so im def relieved. my laptop just needs to last 3 more months and then i can hopefully get a new one. i hope. i really hope.
and i applied for a job at limited too.
well i filled out the application.
i really want to work there
i want to be more independent. it was kind of fun when sarah and i fended for ourselves in florida. the first like 2 days i was really scared about it [like spending money for food and taking public transportation] but it was fine. and i think ill be ok in college. except i did miss my parents alot. the first few days i would kind of choke up on the phone when i said they missed them. i hope they didnt notice.
i think thats it.
i wrote alot. theres alot going on in my life.
but im glad. i kind of like being busy even though i can be horribly lazy hah.
talk to you all soon.
or just katy
because again youre probably the only one that reads this.
we need to hang. stat.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

rejected again.

so im in a blogging more once more.
just my life is kind of in between right now.
i got rejected from another college. 2 in a row. it was goucher and i didnt like goucher all that much so im not really annoyed about that its just the simple act of getting rejected that brings me down. but then again...I like DeSales. I dont' think I would have a problem going there. I joined the group on facebook and I got really into it.
wow i feel like i was going to write alot more but im getting distracted by talking with lily. lol i love that girl and im totally going to miss her next year.
anyway whats been going on in my life..hmmm..
this is my last week of uniforms. friday is senior day and i cant wait for the senior movie. im basically screaming the entire time. long story, ask if you want to know. its pretty hilarious.
next week is spring break. miami with sarah. im excited to tan and just sit on the beach. i need a tan. i just hope i dont get a monthly visit if you get my drift. that will ruin the entire vacation.
umm what else
im obsessed with working on yearbook. theres like nothing else for me to do and it makes me sad
i got a graduation dress. i cant wait until its fixed and done so i get the idea of what it looks like.
i might be going to a taylor swift concert. did i mention i love katy shew a hell of alot? yeah
jonas tour dates tomorrow. finally.
what else?
i thought my computer died last night but thankfully its working fine.
i really need to do research for this stupid exegesis paper.
yeah im running out of things to say. this sucks.
well i guess this is goodbye?
yeah until next time folks.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

taking up time.

so im here again, taking up time during my free as i wait for lily. she'll probably show up just as i start writing this.
after two days of stress my schedule has like nothing anymore. i even had to reschedule my video taping this morning for monday. even though im thrilled.
the past few days have been so stressful. tuesday was a nightmare and i literally had no downtime.
but now i wish it was friday. this weekend is going to be so awesome, i cant wait. even though again, no down time, at least it'll be fun.
so heres the plan
friday: Jonas 3-D movie. the bros in 3-D. like really i think that says enough.
sat: shopping for a graduation dress and then going to Julia and Leahs party which includes my favorite food and Confessions of a shopaholic which i've been wanting to see for a while. i know this sounds crazy but i really want the bros to come to maryland for this strange theatre invasion thing. like im going to be there 2 days in a row so why not? it would be absolutely wonderful. so boys...if by some bizarre chance you read this...come to maryland!
sun: Bye Bye Birdie. oh yes..i get to see tony. ok so the boy doesnt know who i am....oh well. at least i can stare at him right? i just hope Mer doesnt force me to talk to him or anything because i will flip out. god i wish i could talk to boys
well thats my weekend. hopefully ill be able to find time to do homework in there, probably not. oh well, i dont really care at the moment. i just need to get through like 2 more weeks of school and then its spring break. miami with sarah? im siked. i think im more siked about just going to florida than going with sarah. dont get me wrong i love her death but florida= my favorite state and the fact that it is warm!
oh so i have to go home tonight and figure out what im going to wear for all these events. and i think i might have a wear your own clothes day tomorrow, i hope. that way i dont have to go home and change before the movie. hopefully mers mom found her credit card [who loses their credit card?] and we can go. dont know what the issue is there but at this point im planning on going to the movie.
oh and so this whole thing with meredith and her "boyfriend". now i dont know the dude but he seems like a looser. yupp there i said it. and he lives forever away and all they do is email. for some reason im thinking that mer is into this more than he is. shes all like "omg i miss him so much it hurts" first of all, you only saw the dude once and then after that you started talking to him. and like they write novels to each other, what the hell do they talk about? i hope he knows what kind of crazyness hes getting himself into.
im not saying im jealous, like sure its nice to have someone to call your boyfriend but im going to wait to have a guy who i can see often. unless said person is a jonas brother and then i can cope.
so im running out of things to talk about.
and that kind of sucks because i have nothing else to do. dumm de dum dum...
i guess this is it. have fun to anyone who is reading this. i doubt anyone does.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

procrastination is my hobby.

so i'm procrastinating studying for my bible lit. mid term exam. im screwed anyway and i'm waiting for lily to show up so we can have our study session, that is if she ever gets here.
well, I got into college!
DeSales. i'm happy. i mean i really liked the school and even though it isnt my first choice its nice to know that someone wants me.
goucher audition was on sunday and who the heck knows how that went. i was so lost at some points. there were so many people and i couldnt see the intsructor so if i didnt get the moves i was screwed. i thought i was going to do better on the modern but i was so damn nervous that i wasnt my usual self.
i really just wanted to leave. as soon as i saw the crazy good people that were there i just wanted to get the heck out. then i was number 50 so I had to wait for my solo for 2 hours. in that time i got cold, hungry and tired. i didnt know anyone so it was basically me sitting alone or sitting with my parents in silence. but overall i think the solo went really well. i wasnt as nervous as i thought i was going to be and my parents said it looked good. but then again, what do they know?
but either way im not too sure i would go to goucher. like sure it was nice but i'd rather go to desales before goucher.

ugh im so stressed and so ready for spring break. my schedule has suddenly become packed and its hard to find time for anything. its been a charade to meet with Soud over this stupid spy paper. i suppose i could have just bullcrapped a paper and handed it in but then i would have gotten a bad grade, and i dont want that.

ok now lilys here and we have to attempt to study.

Friday, February 6, 2009

i'm a second semester senior.

say what?
its..febuary.I have...4 months till I graduate?
what is this madness!
Honestly, am I really going to college?

Theres a part of me that is really excited and ready to leave this high school thing. Its just getting so dull, in and out the same thing every day. It would be so much better if I could drive and get myself the heck out but alas that isnt possible. At this point I really just want to get in somewhere. And at the moment I'm really loving Tampa. I never got a true look at the school but the more I think about it the more and more I love it. I hate the cold and the snow. I only like it when it gets you a day off in school. When I was in Florida over Christmas I realized how much I love it down there. Its just such a wonderful place and I know people which makes it all the better. If I went to Tampa I would have people nearby, a beautiful place and Disney. What more could I ask for? Sure Charleston still sounds awesome but I'm seriously doubting that I'll get in. My scores are definitely not what they should be so I'm kind of loosing hope. But like I said right now, I just want to get accepted somewhere. I want that security of knowing where I'll go.
Oh and about this Goucher audition. I'm scared as heck. I've never auditioned for something like this in my entire life. Sure I've done things at school but never an audition of this calibur. I'm scared that I'm going to mess up terribly or something. I just wish I knew someone there, that would help me so much.
And I really need to tape and finish this darn dance.
and get rid of this mountain growing on my forehead. seriously i have clear skin! where the hell did this come from? And it hurts! And of course Mimmo texted me out of the blue last night asking if we could meet at starbucks. really? and hes going to see me with this huge zit on my face. just my luck.
so what else to talk about....
i want a car...baddly.
i need a prom date. shit.
i want to love my new classes but theyre going to be really hard.
i want to hang out more with people on the weekends.
i want to get into college.
i need a new laptop before mine falls apart.
and i need to find a job.
oh yeah about that, so dont want a job. i'm going to be so scared like omg. i'm not good with money at all. i can fold clothes but money? oh hell no. and i doubt anyone is really hiring these days. but i want the money. correction i need the money.
oiye growing up really has its ups and downs.

well i guess i have to go now. bible lit time...yay? anyway I guess I'll think of more things to write here later.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

about me.


What is your FULL name?: veronica Gabrielle roppelt
What is/are your nickname(s)?: v, rocky, v-v
When is your birthday?: December 16
Where were you born?: maryland.
What state do you live in?: maryland.
Who do you live with?: both parents.
Are you in school? If so, what grade?: senior baby
Any pets?: Brinkley the crazy golden retriever


Cereal?: tony the tiger killed diabetes with a gun. Don’t ask.
Lunch/Dinner?: I like a lot of food
Snack?: popcorn?
Dessert?: chocolate/skittles
Beverage?: orangina
Color?: yellow
Number?: 17
Letter?: V
Band?: those jonas boys
Singer?: oiye…
Song[Of the moment]?: white horse- tswift
Animal?: doggie
Vacation Spot?: Disney, paris, florence
Weather?: sunny and 80
Season?: summer/spring
Time of day?: dunno
Hobby?: dance
Movie?: gone with the wind
TV Show?: moonlight
Book?: twilight
Sport to play?: dance is a sport
Sport to Watch?: dance
Flavor of Ice Cream?: chocolate chip cookie dough
Ice Cream Topping?: gummy bears
Pizza Topping?: cheese.

Your Appearence.

What is your eye color?: green.
What is your hair type?: straight, sometimes wavy
What is your hair color?: brownish but I want it darker
How tall are you?: same as Natalie portman
How much do you weigh?: 100 lbs
Do you have braces?: not anymore
Are your fingernails painted? If so, what color?: red
Are your toenails painted? If so, what color?: red
What clothes are you wearing right now?: stupid uniform
Are you wearing any makeup? If so, what?: yuppers. Blush and mascara

In the Opposite Sex...
What hair color do you prefer?: I usually like dark hair but I make exceptions
Eye color?: whatever.
Height?: taller than me
Weight?: everyone weights more than me so idk
What type of clothes?: they should look nice
What are three important personality traits?: funny, honest, romantic

This Or That..
Pepsi or Coke?: coke
McDonalds or BK?: mcdonalds.
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate
Rock or Hip-Hop?: rock.
Pink or Purple?: purple.
Blue or Green?: green
Yellow or Orange?: yellow.
Brunette or Blonde?: brunette
Tall or Short?: tall.
Bikini or One-Piece?: one piece
Pool or Ocean?: ocean.
Sprite or Sierra Mist?: sierra mist
Mt.Dew or Dr. Pepper?: dr pepper
MySpace or aim? aim.
Call or Text?: text.
Piercings or Tattoos?: neither
Hot Tea or Iced Tea?: both
Hugs or Kisses?: hugs. Never been kissed.
Cats or Dogs?: dogs.
Scary Movies or Romance Movies?: romance.
Thriller Movies or Comedy Movies?: comedy.
Love or Money?: love.
Glass Half Empty or Half Full?: full.
Hot or Cold?: hot
Rich or Famous?: famous.
Sunrise or Sunset?: set.
Lace or Satin?: both
Country or City?: both

Have you ever..
Been in love?: no.
Broke someones heart?: I hope not
Had your heart broken?: definitely
Been out of state?: yupp
Been out of the country?: Europe- italy, france
Been on a cruise?: nope
Paid more than $100 for a pair of shoes?: guilty
Been to jail?: nope
Hitchhiked?: nope
Fired a gun?: nope
Ridden a horse?: used to take lessons
Been in a gang?: nope
Done graffiti?: nope
Been to the Emergency Room?: nope
Had surgery?: when I was a baby
Had plastic surgery?: nope
Broken a bone?: not yet
Touched a snake?: by accident.
Caught of fish?: yupp

Finish the Sentence...
When I wake up in the morning...: I want to go back to sleep
Tomorrow...: i have an audition
I have low tollerence for...: people who are negative
For you, single life is...: lonely
I haven't...: met the jonas brothers
I want to...: go home
I miss...: lots of things
I wish...: it wasn’t freezing
My life is...: ok at the moment
My life might be better if...: I knew where I was going to college

Your Love Life..
Are you single, in a relationship, married, or divorced?: single, never really had a boyfriend
What is your sexual orientation?: straight.
How long is your longest relationship?: so far, zero
Why did your last relationship end?: long time ago
Do you want to get married, if not already?: mid-20s hopefully
Will you have children, if not already?: I hope so
Where would your dream wedding be?: Disney world
Where would your dream honey moon be?: Disney world or italy
Whats the worst part about being in a relationship?: finding time to hang out
Whats the best part of being in a relationship?: having someone who cares for you
Whats the worst part of being single?: watching other people be in relationships
Whats the best part about being single?: freedom
Whos your celebrity crush(s)?: joe jonas, taylor lautner

What is Your..
Bedtime?: now between 10-11
Best physical feature?: eyes.
Best personality feature?: no idea
Most embarassing moment?: my life is one big embarrassing moment.
Most missed memory?: being in Disney, being at a jonas concert
First thought when you wake up?: can it please be the weekend?
Weakness?: lots of things
Strength?: lots of things
Goal for this year?: get into college.
Greatest Fear?: not going where I want to go

Random Stuff..
What is your biggest regret from the past?: not working harder in 9th and 10th grade
Country you want to visit most?: England, greece
Do you like thunderstorms?: sometimes
Would you choose to live forever if you could?: yessum
What kind of soap do you use?: whatever my mom buys
Do you spit?: eww no
Can you fit in your locker?: in middle school I could
Can you touch your nose with your tounge?: nope
Can you multitask?: very well
Can you walk in high heels?: love high heels
Can you whistle?: yupp
Can you open your eyes underwater?: yupp
Can you eat whatever and not worry?: usually
Do you shower daily?: have too
Do you believe in magic?: I believe in criss angel
Do you want to go to college?: as long as I like said college
Do you find yourself attractive?: depends on the day, usually not
Are you a health freak?: sometimes
Do you get along well with your parents?: more now than I used too
What color is your toothbrush?: green
Whats your desktop?: joe jonas
On average, how many hours of sleep do you get a night?: 7, sometimes more or less
What does your bedspread look like?: white with butterflies
What color is your room?: blue
Whats the lowest grade you've gotten on a test?: 0
Whats the lowest grade you've gotten on a report card?: 55
Whats your favorite school subject?: child lit. too bad its over now
What is/are your best friend(s) middle name(s)?: Alexandra, beth, umm I don’t really know for others…
What time is it?: 3:55

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

it's been a year since my first jonas concert.

ill always remember that date
it was the first night i saw them in person
i can't believe its been a year. this means ive been a fan for about a year and three months.
where has the time gone?
i can honestly say these boys have changed my life but i wouldnt have it any other way.
they are beautiful people with amazing, inspiring music.
i will always love them even for years to come.

reminisce of memories cuz we're gone...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Joe Jonas/ OC Oneshot.
I haven’t written in a really long time so I hope you guys enjoy this.

Joe and Aly were sworn enemies since the moment they met. They always argued and bickered but one New Years Eve could change everything.

It was New Years Eve and all Aly wanted to do was have some fun. She was in New York City of course, attending a party full of celebrities. Since September she had been working as the assistant to the Jonas Brother’s stylist Michelle. She absolutely loved her job and everything about it except one thing, Joseph Adam. He had been a problem for her since her first day and it was well known that the two loathed each other. Every chance they got they argued and bickered until they were saying the most ridiculous things. They just couldn’t help it. The words would fly out of their mouths without even thinking. Aly had thought that maybe she would be friends with him if her first day on the job had been better….well maybe not.

Aly stood nervously in the spacious dressing room as she waited to meet the boys. Years before she had been a huge fan and now she was out of college she was more mature and ready to work for them. She hoped that the boys would be everything that she had hoped, charming, funny, and handsome. They had once been her dream guys and she wanted that image to stay alive.
When the boys walked in she felt her palms begin to sweat and her heart race. She hated being nervous but she couldn’t help it. Each of them greeted her with a smile and a once over with their eyes. It was rather intimidating but she tried to keep her head high. She knew she had to make a good impression or else she would loose this once in a lifetime opportunity. After the introductions, the boys spread out as they began to discuss clothes with Michelle. Aly helped by grabbing things from the racks or giving her opinions. After an hour had passed Michelle had to leave and Aly was left on her own. All she could think to herself was “Oh crap.” She nervously looked through the racks and racks of designer clothing, hoping to find something that would please the boys. She was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard the voice of an all to familiar brother.

“Hey new girl, can you hand me my coffee?”

Aly’s heart fluttered at the sound of Joe’s voice. It was entirely too sexy for his own good. She turned to see him admiring himself in a tight leather jacket before he took it off and threw it to the side. She sighed and nodded at his request.

“The name’s Aly but sure…”

She turned and grabbed his coffee from the table that it had been resting on. As she turned around Joe was hopping up and down as he attempted to get the skinny jeans off of his legs. He was obviously rather clumsy and as he reached for his coffee, he tripped over his own two feet. Aly let out a surprised scream as they tumbled to the ground and the coffee flew into the air. In a matter of seconds the cup came tumbling down onto Joe. The dark liquid spilled over his hair, his shirt and finally…his boxers. She watched as his eyes widened in horror. As soon as the coffee hit his boxers he screamed.

“SHIIIIIITTTTTT.” He exclaimed as the scolding liquid burned his nether regions.

Aly scrambled up to her feet, silently cursing in her head. She cringed at his screaming as she reached for some towels on the other side of the room.
“OH...oh my god….I’m so sorry…” She bit her lip as she stuttered with her words. She was shaking like a leaf as she leaned forward to help him clean up.

“Don’t wipe my balls I can do that thanks! Wow…” Joe retorted to her actions. Aly’s eyes widened, well excuse you. She watched as he grabbed the towels and stumbled to the bathroom, pants still around his ankles. Aly stood in horror as she heard Nick begin to roar with laughter behind her. Aly stood still and let out a sigh. She ran a nervous hand through her hair and shook her head.

“My first day on the job and I burn my client…perfect..just perfect… I’m so getting fired.”

“Not just burned, burned his genitals!” Exclaimed Nick from behind her. Aly frowned as she picked up the now ruined designer jacket off the ground.

“That’s even worse…” She said softly with a sigh. She heard Nick rise from the couch and walk to stand behind her. She watched as he pulled something out of his pocket and then handed it out to her. It was a 50 dollar bill.

“There. Because I believe you’re epic for having the courage to do that which I was not brave enough to attempt.” He said smoothly to her.

Aly’s eyes widened as she turned to him, her arms crossed in front of her. Really was he paying her? She felt like a whore or something.

“No thanks, I don’t deserve it trust me.” She said as she handed the bill back to him. He responded with a chuckle and a small smile.

“Well, If you’re gonna be fired… why not take it?” Aly cringed at the word fired. Fired on the first day, that has to be a record. She shook her head again as she looked up at him.

“No thanks, sorry but I don’t want a Jonas brother’s charity.” She said with a sigh as she hung up the still ruined designer jacket.

Nick didn’t give up. He kept talking as he stood behind her.

“Nice… too proud, am I right?” He nodded like he understood. “Yeah…I get that. Imagine having your own charity for a disease you have that people give to all the time. Where people come up and talk to you about it and hand you checks…all-the-time.” He said the last three words with emphasis.

Aly suddenly felt that guilty sinking feeling in her stomach. She sighed and turned around to face him.

“Yeah but that’s…different. At least that’s for a good cause. Me, I just ruin designer clothing.

“Then let me pay for the jacket so you don’t have to. That’s not fair.” He responded, matter-of-factly.

Aly gulped nervously at the thought of the price of that jacket. It was definitely something she could never ever afford.

“You really think they’ll make me pay for the jacket?”

Nick shrugged in response as a small smirk grew on his lips.

“Well… they won’t if I say I spilled my coffee and I know how to get it professionally cleaned and I want to buy it anyway.”

Aly thought it through and she thought that would work but…

“What about Joe?” She asked. “He’s going to be saying a different story.”

Nick chuckled and smiled a rare smile.

“And who do we call the President? My word goes. Besides, Joe just got his penis burned, he’s delusional.”

Aly sighed with relief and smiled back up at him, thankful for his help.

“Thank you, honestly.”

They both nodded to each other and then turned around, going about their business again. The silent moment was however interrupted by the gorgeous but annoying Joe.

“I think I might actually see a doctor!” He yelled out, being over dramatic as he gestured to his pants. Both Nick and Kevin rolled their eyes, mumbling something that both of them got a kick out of. They chuckled and Joe glared before he turned to Aly.

“So, did you major in Klutz in college?” He asked with a snide smirk on his face. Aly couldn’t help but think he was still gorgeous, damn him, but she was still mad.

“Fashion actually, minor in dance. Might I remind you that I wasn’t the one hopping around while trying to take his pants off and grab coffee at the same time?”

She raised an eyebrow as she looked up at him. Oh the games were just starting.

“Well, I’m great at multitasking.” Aly could have sworn she saw his chest puff a bit as he seemed to swell with manly pride. Jerk.
“Ask my brothers!”

“It’s true, except usually he’s pulling a one man show.” Kevin replied. Joe whipped around to glare at Kevin.

“Excuse me!”

Aly burst into laughter, she couldn’t help it. She saw the amused smirks on Kevin and Nick’s faces as they watched Joe fume with anger. He turned to her and glared as well, clearly saying that he wanted her to stop laughing.

“Not funny.” He said bluntly.

“Yes it is, Hilarious actually.” She replied with a playful smirk.

She heard him growl behind her and then stomp his foot like a little child. Aly continued to smirk; oh she could have so much fun with this.

“I mean really, shouldn’t one of your rumored girlfriends be helping you with that?” She asked with a raised eyebrow as she looked over her shoulder. Just then another thought popped into her head and she immediately added it to the conversation.

“Oh right excuse me, rumored boyfriends…” Oh burn. She watched as Joe’s jaw dropped to the ground. She saw the fire begin to burn in his eyes as he started to walk towards her. Kevin flew up from the couch and grabbed his shoulders.

“Down Boy! Down!”

She gave them both a semi-sweet smile and then turned around to go through the racks of clothing again. A few minutes of harsh silence went by before she heard footsteps behind her. She was just about to turn around when she felt a hand tap her butt. She gasped and turned to see Joe with a cocky smirk on his face.

“You know, you could totally be one of those rumored girlfriends.”

Was that supposed to be a come on? Lame-o Aly thought.

“Yeah I’ll pass on that offer, but thanks for asking.” Aly got the image in her mind of Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ pushing Gaston out of the house with that same phrase. It made her smile. Despite the diss, Joe continued to smirk.

“Alright but come on, I’m quite the catch.”

“Nah, not really. The tall, dark and handsome thing isn’t really my type.” Aly could have sworn she heard the sound of buzzer was going off in her mind. That was a completely wrong answer. He was definitely her type but she wasn’t going to tell him that.

Joe didn’t seem fazed by the comment. He just rolled his eyes and then playfully stuck his tongue out at her and winked. Aly just raised an eyebrow and shook her head.

“Wow, you’re weird!”

“You smell funny!” replied Joe in a bad imitation of Jack Sparrow. Usually Aly would have laughed but not this time.

“That was a fail.” She said bluntly.

“So is your ability to carry coffee!”

“Excuse me, you bumped into me!”

Joe raised a hand and shook his head. “Meep, I’m done with you!”

“Did you honestly just say ‘meep’?” Aly asked with a rather amused face.

“Yes!” Joe replied forcefully. “It’s my word! Don’t diss my word you…you…hedgehog!”

“Wow and I thought you were the funny one, obviously not.”

“I am fun, you’re welcome to join me on one of my parties.”

“No thanks…”

“Eh fine, you’re boring then.”

“No I’m not boring I just don’t want to hang out with you.”

“OH OH! You’re like the most insulting human I’ve ever met!”

“Only to you babes…” Aly smirked and ended the banter with that. She patted his cheek playfully and then walked across the room to organize the boy’s huge shoe collection. She could feel Joe’s eyes burning into her back and she just smirked. Oh this was going to be fun.

That was four months ago. Joe and Aly were still “enemies” in a way. But tonight was New Years and she didn’t want to think about it. She was bent on having a nice time. She grabbed a glass of champagne and stood near the window that looked down on Times Square. She cringed at the thought of standing out there in the freezing cold. She was very content staying inside and being warm and toasty. She heard the distant screams and saw the Brothers had just gotten on stage to perform. Aly beamed as she watched them from up above. They were such good performers and every time they performed it was like a new experience.
Time flew by and the countdown to midnight was just minutes away. The crowd in the room got bigger as people joined their friends and family for the crazy moment. Aly stood alone. She didn’t expect the boys to come up to the room afterwards or anything. She just sighed as she looked out the window as snow started to fall. She heard the countdown start and then a cry of her name. She whipped around as fast as she could and she came face to face with Joseph Adam. Her eyes widened as she stared up at him.


She opened her mouth to say something clever to him but instead she was met with something else.

“… 1”

Joe’s mouth came crashing down on hers and all Aly could do was stand in shock. She stood there, motionless for a moment. Her hands stayed by her side and she was as stiff and uncomfortable as she could be. Then her mind registered the kiss. She couldn’t help but kiss back. Her eyes fluttered closed and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, her hands burying in his hair as she pulled him closer. Their tongues danced together and it was as if time stood still. His hands roamed up and down her back, touching the soft material of her dress while her hands ran through his soft curls. After what seemed like hours they pulled apart, breathless. His chocolate eyes bore down into her green ones. He cracked a small smile and his teeth seemed to shine. Aly had never been more enchanted. He truly was beautiful. Suddenly she heard his voice and her heart skipped a beat.

“I hate you.” He said softly, an adoring tone in his voice. Aly beamed and nodded in reply.

“I hate you too.”