Thursday, April 23, 2009

i dont know what to write here.

surprise, I have nothing to talk about. honestly i'm just sitting here in the library really bored. nothing major has happened to me since i last posted. the things on my mind are prom, homework and the dance concert. i'll be ready when the dance concert is overrrrr. so much stress. i honestly don't have enough time in the day to do anything anymore. its madenning. hopefully things will calm down soon.
so this weekend is laramie project. i'm excited to see it, it should be good.
net week starts the many rehearsals for the dance concert. then thats over the weekend. everyone should come.
then the next weekend is prom. im super excited. i hope its really good this year. i havent talked to mimmo yet about details, i just keep forgetting. oh well. il figure something out.
so thats honestly whats on my mind. and this solo. i have an idea in my head of the ending i just hope i can make it work. -insert tim gunn here- lol. wow im random. i hope today goes by quickly. i want to skip my classes all together. im just sick of school. gah.
anyway...i feel lame for not having something to talk about. le sigh. i guess i'll just leave it at that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a little less than 2 months left....

can time really be going this quickly? Senior year is going by in a flash and I don't know if I'm excited to get out or just masking my fear. I'm excited for college. I'm excited for DeSales but it hit me the other day that these girls that have been around me for the past 4 years...after June I may never see them again. I'm also really nervous about loosing the friends I have now. I always thought I would be friends with my middle school friends till the end but I don't even talk to them now. Even Kelsey who went to RPCS with me and then moved I don't even keep in contact with. Heck even Courtney who still goes here i still don't see. I really hope I can stay in touch and be friends with Lily and Sarah forever. The other girls I'd like to see too but these two i don't think I could bare to loose. Same with Tracy but shes still going to be at RPCS for awhile so thats ok.
And Meredith, oh Meredith. Last Friday when she called me in a panic over France I just wanted to give up. I asked myself why I was still friends with her after all the shit that I've been through. The first few days I was fine that she was gone. I wasn't chained to my computer and such but then when like Jonas news would occur or anything else random...I had no one to tell about it. Now its just getting annoying. I admit it...I miss her. I miss are random conversations and opinions about what the bros did today. I know I'm telling her everything thats happening while shes in france but its not the same.
Well...lets move on to this. Lets see...what has happened in the past week or so. Well it was easter weekend and that was fun. Went down to Hamden and finally went to Cafe Hon. Except I was really upset that I couldn't get a burger for religious reasons. Then saturday i was lazy and didn't do anything ecept that night I saw the Hannah Montana movie. It was freaking awesome. I loved it and seeing it with Nicole just made it completely random and awesome. Shhhhmiley miley! LOL. Lucas Till was a hottie and I have to admit I liked him, although I don't think I'll become a fan girl anytime soon. I do hope to see the movie again. Sunday was fun with easter. I was in a crappy mood in the morning for girly reasons but after that I was ok. I honestly felt like I was going to fall asleep in church. My head kept bobbing. Nicky brought his girlfriend to easter dinner. I thought she was an absolute sweetheart and I sat and talked to her for ages. I've heard that Aunt Charlotte doesn't really care for her but I understand her reasons. Its because she had a past of divorce and things but honestly at Nicky's age thats what hes going to find. Either that or they have kids. I know Aunt Charlotte is possessive but she needs to look at her personality too because she really did have a great personality. Monday was the longest day of my life but I had fun. I got to Lily's at 10 and then we went to school and choreographed our bit of Chorus Line. I can't wait until its perfected, its going to be awesome. I'm excited for this dance concert. Which reminds me....I need to work on that solo today. Greeeeat. Anyway but I spent the whole day with Lily and then we had Roses rehearsal from 3-8. It was long but it was tons of fun. I love those girls.
So now I'm back in school after break. its raining and im in the library as usual, avoiding doing reading for bible lit. i'm sick of school. of writing papers and doing work. i just want it to be over. im ready for college and a new routine.well i hope i am and im just not thinking that. but i think every day i get more and more mature and more ready for new things. i find myself being more independent and taking care of things right away. like that stupid paper that was due yesterday. i wont even begin to describe that fiasco.
so another thing...i have a prom date. the tony thing didnt work out obviously (or else that would have been a whole entry in itself) but i asked mimmo and he was pleasantly happy. he was really cheery on the phone and it made me feel loads better. its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. i have a gorgeous dress and shoes and now i know i'll have a good time.
this weekend is Boston and I'm hoping everything goes well, for me and my daddy. last year was a mess because of Boston but hopefully this year I have everything already planned out and I've been telling my teachers of my absense. I hope i get a picture of my dad this year and I dont mess up like last year. oiye i love that story.
ok well i want to keep writing but my wrist really hurts. i should get back to reading saddly. but anyone who happens to read this...text to me..lets hang out in these last few weeks that i have. i want to see everyone and do everything before college because i know that even though i'm moving on to new things i still want to hold on to what i have right now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

excuse my french in this short rant.

this is freaking rediculous.
i mean seriously
i sent the message on what..wednesday?
its now almost sunday
and he was online today
so he must be blind to see that he had a new message
it just makes me feel like shit because its just another fucking regection


now good freaking night.