Tuesday, March 24, 2009

im back.

so im sitting in the pub...once more and yet the yearbook is done.
done i tell you! i have nothing to do anymore.
and im sitting here with no uniform. dont have to wear one anymore!
im so siked. i never thought i would be so happy about not having a uniform.
so that leads me to what my mom said this morning. she was like "your dad wants you to look nice these last days of school." i was like "well I think i look nice everyday" like...im a fashionable person. i try to look decent everyday i think. i dont buy shitty clothes, i dont wear sweatpants blah de blah. so my mom is like "well dont wear your ghetto clothes" i was like...excuse me? like does she really think i look bad everyday? i was really insulted. i try to look nice all the time. it just really pissed me off you know?
so spring break is over. i was in miami and had a blast. sarahs parents were meh but being with sarah rocked. i hope i have a roommate like her. i hope i have a roommate whos my best friend
which brings me to college again. i've been regected from 4 colleges. 4! it kind of sucks. but im not too bummed about it. i got into DeSales and thats all that matters. i got in somewhere that i liked so thats cool. and id be happy if i went there. im sick of my parents being so secretive about where i did or didnt get in to people. i got into the places i did because thats where im supposed to go. ill be happy there. the other places i wouldnt be happy so thats that. im sick of talking about it. they should be happy that i got in somewhere. sure its not a freaking ivyleague and not everyone knows the name but its a good school!
gah so frustrating.
but thats my life.
and i need a prom date.
yes katy this is directed at you lol
because youre the only one who reads my blog lolol. my mom now knows his name and keeps bugging me about a date. you know what, its my problem. i will deal with it! grrrrr. its just whenever this comes up mer is always like "and if you dont have a date its fine" no. no its not fine! i go to a relatively small all girls school, if i dont have a date....im screwed. i need a date. i need a date. the end.
in other news my computer performed a miracle.
the day before i was supposed to go to miami my comp freaked and was like VIRUS and then wouldnt let me go to websites and stuff. it would let me go to facebook and livejournal but nothing else, not even my school website! so i took it to sarahs and her dad looked at it and then was like "well its a lost cause" and i was like "shit". like i thought i would be spending this period right now in tech begging them to just reimage it. but i came back and....its fine. sure its still sick [probably] but its working as well as it was before. so im def relieved. my laptop just needs to last 3 more months and then i can hopefully get a new one. i hope. i really hope.
and i applied for a job at limited too.
well i filled out the application.
i really want to work there
i want to be more independent. it was kind of fun when sarah and i fended for ourselves in florida. the first like 2 days i was really scared about it [like spending money for food and taking public transportation] but it was fine. and i think ill be ok in college. except i did miss my parents alot. the first few days i would kind of choke up on the phone when i said they missed them. i hope they didnt notice.
i think thats it.
i wrote alot. theres alot going on in my life.
but im glad. i kind of like being busy even though i can be horribly lazy hah.
talk to you all soon.
or just katy
because again youre probably the only one that reads this.
we need to hang. stat.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

rejected again.

so im in a blogging more once more.
just my life is kind of in between right now.
i got rejected from another college. 2 in a row. it was goucher and i didnt like goucher all that much so im not really annoyed about that its just the simple act of getting rejected that brings me down. but then again...I like DeSales. I dont' think I would have a problem going there. I joined the group on facebook and I got really into it.
wow i feel like i was going to write alot more but im getting distracted by talking with lily. lol i love that girl and im totally going to miss her next year.
anyway whats been going on in my life..hmmm..
this is my last week of uniforms. friday is senior day and i cant wait for the senior movie. im basically screaming the entire time. long story, ask if you want to know. its pretty hilarious.
next week is spring break. miami with sarah. im excited to tan and just sit on the beach. i need a tan. i just hope i dont get a monthly visit if you get my drift. that will ruin the entire vacation.
umm what else
im obsessed with working on yearbook. theres like nothing else for me to do and it makes me sad
i got a graduation dress. i cant wait until its fixed and done so i get the idea of what it looks like.
i might be going to a taylor swift concert. did i mention i love katy shew a hell of alot? yeah
jonas tour dates tomorrow. finally.
what else?
i thought my computer died last night but thankfully its working fine.
i really need to do research for this stupid exegesis paper.
yeah im running out of things to say. this sucks.
well i guess this is goodbye?
yeah until next time folks.