Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i've come to the conclusion that...

...although I may talk and think about being in a relationship with someone I'm actually not ready for one at all.

Friday, February 12, 2010

100 things i learned from the Jonas Brothers.

1. Going to the future is illogical. Nick can't have it.

2. They don't want to hurt you. No, They wanna KISS YOU.

3. It's possible for 3 generations of people to survive for 1,000 years - They know, they went to the year 3000.

4. Hugs are overrated, just FYI.

5. A Little Bit Longer and you'll be fine.

6. There are no cars in Oklahoma! What-so-ever.

7. It is possible for your mom to be in a reugular pool with a whale.

8. It is possible to break up with someone in a 27 second phone call.

9. Australians don't break hearts.

10. Board games make people bored.

11. If you want to date the Jonas Brothers you should always tells the truth, even when it's hard to do.

12. If you like a person in senior class. Your friends WILL laugh.

13. Even with all that money, all they really want is a hippopotamus for Christmas.

14. Hearing voices inside your head, means you in love. Not crazy.

15. The Jonas Brothers' grandma makes awesome scarves.

16. Life isn't suffocating, & air isn't overrated.

17. You better be careful from that Love bug. It hits you like aids.

18. An empty room can indeed be loud.

19. Even if you are an international superstar. A girl will dump you at the drop of a hat for Rico off Hannah Montana. Cause he's RIICCCOOO!

20. You can like and not like someone at the same time.

21. Your boyfriend can in fact force you into getting highlights.

22. People commonly feel supercalifragilicexpialidocious.

23. Slow down sugar, he's a freakin' diabetic.

24. Against popular belief, Joe Jonas does not have a third arm.

25. Live like your at the bottom even if your at the top.

26. It is possible that someone can smell starbucks from a two mile radius.

27. There's this thing called the rejection hot line.

28. Mufasa is actually the king of the land! And will indeed come smack you with the back of his hand.

29. Do not kiss anyone for New Years, you will end up breaking up the next day.

30. Go on, open the a chicken.

31. Quiziggyziggyzan is indeed a holiday. ("Merry Christmas, happy Hanakuh, Kwanza, Quiziggyziggyzan.")

32. Miley Cyrus needs a straightjacket.

33. Every studio needs a rubber chicken.

34. Putting a pop tart in the microwave or oven tastes so much better

35. A bowl of sugar will get rid of a sore throat.

36. Socks make the man!

37. You can be allergic to EVERY fruit in the world. It IS possible.

38. Pwn'd is actually spelled PONED. And evidently a ten year old boy invented it.

39. Girls always ends with an S, maybe with a Z.

40. Sometimes, the only way to win is to die trying.

41. Joe is the cute funny one, Kevin is the cute romantic and Nick is the cute sensitive one.

42. Love is more than just a word. According to 13 year old Nick.

43. Do NOT share your nachos with THAT guy!

44. They'll respond to your text message, baby.

45. If you listen to a really bad song your ears will be full of melted brain.

46. Payback is two words.

47. You need hair products every three hours, or your basically screwed.

48. Hey, being a jerk is part of the rock star image.

49. No go backs; is like the golden rule.

50. When someone says LAUGH, you better do it Motha Fucka.

51. The president likes people's shoes.

52. The Omni Pod can totally change a life.

53. When you take a picture with somebody, you're automatically dating. So be careful. NO DAD, no more pictures.

54. You can sleep standing up.

55. It is in fact a good thing to skip school, because you can learn how to play guitar and eventually become a millionaire.

56. Kissing’s great.

57. You can have two 18 year olds in a house ALL ALONE and trust that they won't do anything because one of them wears a purity ring.

58. You can in fact be friends with someone from the opposite sex

59. Just go wax or something. No one like a hairy lip.

60. You can drink 30 cans of Diet Coke in a day and still want more.

61. Even boys straighten their hair before a date.

62. If you run into a wall you will be rushed to the hospital and get 50-60 stitches.

63. You can be a teen heartthrob, but your first kiss will be at 16.

64. You can eat $1.25 in quarters and live to tell the tale.

65. If someone punches you in the stomach you WILL fart.

66. Onions will make you cry.

67. The best thing about school is the desk.

68. Potato Chips in your PB&J sandwiches will actually taste good.

69. Barney is the best show ever. Period.

70. Fine, take your banana!

71. Hot Girls live in the middle of Illinois.

72. He can't grow a moustache.

73. Juno is a great real-life teen movie, because every school has that one girl that gets knocked up and keeps the baby.

74. It's cool when someone says something like, "Your triceps look huge"!

75. Getting double grounded is the toughest.

76. "I like your red marker" is one way of flirting with a girl in kindergarten.

77. Do NOT ask Tim McGraw if you can marry his wife, because he WILL say no.

78. If a girl doesn't like your brothers you give her the peace sign and walk away.

79. "If mom likes a girl, then it's all good." - I guess that means Denis is Gay?

80. If you are afraid that when you sleep that somebody might want to break into your house and punch you, then you are suffering from Afraidthatpeoplearegoingtopunchyouphobia.

81. Orange-black-white-dot-clear-red is a crayon color.

82. The most rock star thing to do, never get your license.

83. If you wanna record a song with Michael Jackson, you better have a wall between you.

84. You can date all the swimsuit models in the world at the same time.

85. Extreme Acting is an extreme sport.

86. You can ACTUALLY get along with your brothers, as long as you don't fist fight more than twice a day.

87. Hippopotamus for Hanukkah is the remix version of I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

88. You can be married/dating/have babies with girls you've never met before.

89. A purity ring is a PART of you.

90. If your mom says she wants Anti-aging cream don’t get it for her. It’ll make her feel OLD.

91. If you are ever uneasy about dating questions, answer with “She’s a really great girl and any guy would be lucky to be dating her.”

92. Mandy used to be that girl, you know the one that never said a word. But she sang. Oh she sang S CLUB 7 and all those boy bands. Oh that Mandy.

93. If a girl writes the same letter 3 times, she’s ‘special’

94. You can, indeed, make a paper moustache.

95. Diabetics can’t eat pancakes.

96. If you don’t want knowledge pouring out your head. Bitch, you had better wear a helmet.

97. You can virtually scratch and sniff an orange.

98. Earth is the furthest planet from the sun.

99. If you try to put a 50$ bill in a soda machine. It will not work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

100. Ally you are supposed to date Derek

ok some more...

100. You wanna leave camp? Take a cold shower, & look at a tree, you're set.

101. General Admission is actually just another word for Fatal Death Experience.

102. You can be a sex symbol without having sex. Indubitably.

103. Being a pedophile isn't a crime anymore. It's a normal condition that many girls suffer thanks so one Mr. Nick Jonas.

104. The Sex face. Nuff said.

105. You can lick, shake, and dunk a baby bottle pop. Who knew?

106. The only reason people go to school anymore, is because their crushing on a person in senior class.

107. 6 Minutes and you can get that person you want.

108. 7:05 is the worst time of day.

109. Life is too short so take the time and Appreciate

110. You warned me that, you were gonna leave. BELIEVE THEM. Cause they will really go.

111. Prepubescent boys do get crazy kind of crushes, and have school dances. - Yeah, that didn't happen in my lifetime.

112. When someone writes a lyric for you, you better not tell any fxcking one!

113. When someone says Hello. You say Goodbye.. HELLO! HELLO!

114. When someone sings, "the fires in our hearts". It doesn't mean they have heartburn. No no.

115. On the occasion, that the sun might forget to shine. Don't worry, cause he'll be there to hold you through the night.

116. The Jonas Brothers are actually apes, but they can learn to BE HUMAN TOO!

117. Beatboxin' can be done with two feet. Just sayin'

118. You can carry out an entire IM conversation with one word sentences.

119. Careful, don't smile that much. Some guy might die for it.

120. If someone says, "Sometimes I wish, I had a kung fu grip. Never let her slip, away." They are in need of psychiatric care for being possessive and controlling...But when the Jonas Brothers sing it. Heck it's romantic.

121. Get over it your friends are so much hotter.

122. Do you know a boy named Nick J? Yeah, Well he's off the chain. NO QUESTION!

123. Sixteen and Mean rhyme. Just pointing that shit out, cause I didn't know. (One Day at a Time)

124. If your on your way to mars, watch out cause you might run into a star.

125. You can't stop the rain from falling. Go ahead and try to stop it.

126. Boys aren't all that impressed with conversation, true gentlemen avoid it when they can.


128. Take a breath, srsly.

129. Initially I thought that, "Time for me to open up my heart and knock on heavens door." Meant that Nick was suicidal. Apparently it does not.

130. Watch out for THAT girl, one day she may change the world.

131. OMG DID YOU HEAR? Some girl with a really annoying voice is dating a Jonas Brother. It's pretty hot.

132. You know it's bad when your momma doesn't like her.

133. Video girl syndrome is a disease.

134. Shut the fuck up, they got the party with them. Okay?

135. The world's in your pocket and you know it ! Maybe, that's why we suffer from obesity? All this time I thought it was McDee's.

136. Your neighbour’s name is Peter. Lemme tell you, Boy is packing a mean Flux Capacitor.

137. YO HO, is not a way of dishing that girl in your chem. class. No it's a way of talking like a pirate.

138. You can in fact be a million miles too close. Even though the earth circumference is approximately 24900 miles.

(Camp Rock Related)

139. If you sing “I Gotta Find You” on acoustic guitar to a girl beside a lake. You best believe that a bass and background vocal will pop up and join you in that harmony.

140. When in doubt, BURST OUT IN SONG! Always works. ;)

141. If someone is really angry at you for lying to them, just sing to them. They’ll instantly forgive you.

142. Need a quick disguise? Flour will do the trick. It worked on Joe.

143. Seriously? Teenagers having Sex? Doing drugs, and drinking? Where did you go to camp? NOT AT CAMP ROCK THAT’S FOR SURE!

144. Boys always fall for the voice! No matter how ugly, stupid, or uninteresting the girl is. She’s got the voice!

145. The singers are basically little puppets to the label and have NO say in what songs, they get to sing.

146. If you do not want to do something, yell out. “I’m (Full Name Here), for cryin’ out loud!” Example : “I’m Shane Gray for cryin’ out loud.” Immediately everyone backs off.

147. Adults hate it when they have to be uncool. Give them a break.

148. The youngest member in the band is also the biggest douche.

149. Keeping up an image can be tiring.

150. You wanna be popular? Dye your hair blonde.

and a few more...

1. Who cares if it's my third album? I'm getting a Grammy Nominations for Best New Artist bitches!

2. Joe Jonas is a bad boy for breaking her heart. Oh he's a bad boy cause he don't even miss her.

3. Going green does not mean using a green car. GEEZ BIG ROB. Get it right the first time!

4. Wanna impress the ladies? Become a babysitter!

5. Take a bunch pictures, write a few commentary, and BAM you've got a bestselling book.

6. "I was in a movie for a total of 5 mintutes, before." DUDE That's called starring in a movie!

6. Having 17 tour buses IS good for the environment! Don't be fooled!

7. Your dad paints the house different colours? HEY SO DOES PAPA J!

8. Cats do not have nine lives, they have nine chins. Get your facts straight. SRSLY.

9. Even though it's been printed in a bunch of magazines, on tv and online. Kevin Jonas is not one of people's sexiest men. Ask Joseph, he'll tell you.

10. The Jonas Brothers are killers. RIP Connie Lucile Jones old lady that died watching Jimmy Kimmel.

11. Even if she says that she doesn't kiss on the first date, KISS HER ANYWAYS. Then say, "Well I don't play by the rules." WORKS EVERY TIME!

12. Is it love or a fling? Check the eyebrows, if they match yours. You'll know that they are your soulmate.

13. Strangling your pet is a sure-fire way to show them you love them.

14. A girl out there wants to have a baby with the Jonas Brothers and name it...JIMMY!

15. Thank Heaven for Kevin!

16. Dressing your look alike mannequin can save you tons of time for what to wear the next day.

17. Big Rob's for real and that's no lie. Duh.

18. Nick's friends are jerks

19. Blonde highlights...defenitly in!

20. Nick wears old Levi's and when he and Miley kissed, she was hypnotized.

21. Shoot out creamy white stuff while on stage. It'll rev up the fans.

22. A band of three brothers can in fact refer to themselves as a One Man Show.

23. Biology super awesome

24. The boys' mom grows her own apples and makes her own peanut butter. Cheaya

25. Screaming girls can make you fly.

26. Posh Spice has the perfect body.

27. Joe can't run into walls, sadly.

28. It takes awhile to open a candy bar

29. Never had girls wished they were dogs, until Elvis came along.

30. Camilla Belle is the real Jonas Sister. Her and Joe have an impicable resemblance.

31. We do not have a tweeter or Twatter or whatever the new thing is. Like hell yes.

32. Nick is weird, creepy and smells funny. According to Gary Jonas.

33. Love is on it's way. Enough Said!

34. Nick Jonas is Prince if that wasn't obvious.

35. Emma Roberts used to have a crush on Nick Jonas, but he's kind of making his rounds in Hollywood, and she doesn't know if she likes that...Umm okay so more than two girlfriends in Hollywood is making rounds. What does that make Joe? Since he's dated four ! That Man Slut!

well i feel like crap.

this day has been just dandy, not.
last night i found out that i don't have a roommate for next year.
lets just say it was a bit of a surprise.
i didn't break down until she left the room and then i balled my eyes out in the shower.
havent talked/seen her since then so i'm really glad shes going home this weekend.
and then i cried again in dance class and then on the phone with my mom.
i honestly just feel like shit.
what did i do wrong? why doesnt she want to live with me anymore?
its just pissing me off because the beginning of the year things were wonderful and now theyre not.
i just hate this uncertainty. all my friends have roommates but me. honestly out of my friends kait was the only one i could imagine living with. our styles worked together, we have the same interests everything. now im left in the dust and it feels horrible.
im just scared and really hurt.
i guess all i can do is hope that everything will work itself out.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

sad day.

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen.
such a wonderful artist and an inspiration.
he will be missed.


Saturday, February 6, 2010




words of wisdom from jdunc.

"Its like god came all over the world"
"i'm going to go play in a big pile of semen"
"i guess god was happy today"
"so thats how he populated the world"

i will never look at snow the same way again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i need summer.

my new dress. im obsessed, i wish it was warm enough outside to wear it.
remind me again why i didnt go to school in florida?


bascially I'm dying.

So I just got my second issue of D twenty-three in the mail. I joined the Official Walt Disney fan club for my birthday and with it I get this magazine. The first issue was alright and some of it was really interesting. This second issue though, wow. I literally read every article. First of all its the 70th anniversary of the Studios in California so alot of the articles were about that and that was really interesting. But then....there was an article about the expansion to Fantasyland in Disney World. I wish it was 2012 so I could go see all this stuff in person right now. I'm so freaking excited. There's going to be a new Little Mermaid ride, a Beauty and the Beast area with a restaurant, interactive areas for Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and a whole new Dumbo ride thats going to be expanded. Then in 2013 they're going to add an area thats all Pixie Hollow. I'm basically dying of excitement.

this is an article from awhile ago but its pretty much the overview of everything happening. since D twenty-three is an exclusive thing and isnt online I can't post the article I just read on here but heres the information if you want to know more...