Sunday, December 27, 2009


mers a rockstar: im not denying jesus' popularity
phantomsangel102: hes a popular dude
mers a rockstar: that he is that he is
phantomsangel102: lmao.

Conversations with Meredith O'Connell are quite amusing.

btw. holiday vacations that do not take place in disney world suck.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i just want to cry.

just watched the E! special on the Jonas Brothers.
It just struck me that I can't even imagine my life without them for the past 2 years.
yes its almost been 2 years since my first concert.

theyre music is just so wonderful, so inspirational and pure.
its gotten me through everything and having such wonderful role models in my life has helped me to realize that dreams can come true.

so this may not be a long post but thank you jonas brothers.
thankyou for everything.
thank you for being in my life
its truly been a pleasure.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i cant believe I almost cried while saying goodbye.
i wish he wasnt leaving, he's been such a good friend.
hes taught me that I can be good friends with guys.
i just wish he wanted to be with me.
but whatever, she got to him first and I can just hope that in the future the right person will come along for me.

so thankyou PR.
i'm genuinely going to miss you.

oh and happy birthday to me,

tomorrow is my birthday =]

yay. i'll finally be 18.
its going to be a looong day thats for sure
parents arrive
buying stuff from the DUC and giving back books
driving home
then who knows.
i just want the exam to be over.
i have a french exam a half hour from now.
hopefully that won't take long because I really dont feel like staying there and taking it for forever. i mean i took french for 8 years and its open book. hopefully it won't take me more than maybe a half hour.
i just want it to be tomorrow. although it weirds me out that tomorrow is my birthday. it doesnt feel like it. i woke up this morning and i was like "hmmm...tomorrow is my birthday...weird."
well i better get ready to leave and then walk up to my exam
and while im at it.
dear psych,
fuck you.
love me.

haha bye.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

oh hay exams.

bahahah oh exams.
i feel as if ive been very productive today. woke up late, as usual and watched the lion king with the roomie. then...ate I think, showered, procrastinated a bit and then wrote my poetry final. It wasn't too bad I just had to make myself sit down and write it. Then after that I felt like I was on a roll so I decided to study for psych a bit. took notes on the three chapters on the exam and just finished like 10 minutes ago. I think my hand is about to fall off. Oh and I left and had dinner somewhere in there.
I'm glad I technically only have one exam to study for. I can't imagine having more. French should be easy plus its open book so theres no need to study.
Its simply because winter break and my birthday are approaching so my attention span is zero. I would much rather be doing so many other things. i can't wait till this psych exam is over and done with. worst 18th birthday present ever.
but on another note I think my friends are planning something for my bday. i saw on kaits computer last night a message from Sal saying something in the first line of "since veronicas birthday is coming up" or at least I hope thats what it said =]
ive never been surprised by my friends on my birthday before so if they are planning something i may cry. it would be completely sweet of them.
just 3 more days.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

best thing ever,

oh how I love SNL.
and taylor lautner.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i love my roommate.

she's insane but thats ok.
im gonna miss her over break =[

Monday, December 7, 2009

procrastination. the story of my life. its what im doing right now, well kind of. i'm just avoiding work because I simply just don't want to do it anymore. i have to memorize a poem which is going alright and then i should be revising my english paper but i really dont feel like it.
got an 89 on my psych paper that i handed in like a month ago. so glad i got it back, and im even happier about my grade. that class really sucks but since my last few grades have been better the semester should end up pretty decent.
i can't wait for break. and for my birthday. cant believe its next week.
sigh ok. nothing else to really say.
wish i had a good picture to put up here.
i guess this will do.
kait and i decorated our door with a disney theme. got the wrapping paper at target for 3bucks. its quite adorable if i do say so myself. besides, everyone loves disney =]
happy holidays.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

fashion update.

yes I really am this bored.
in addition to that last post I thought I would show everyone the new additions to my closet.
well the ones I could find online anyway.
yay. most of these i got a few months ago but I haven't had a chance to wear most of them.














well hello again.

i hate that i always forget about my blog. i used to write here all the time and now i just poof forgot. the only time i ever go on blogspot is to look at fashiontoast, because i absolutely love her. her clothes are just amazing and i wish I could be her! thankyou katie for showing her blog to me, and for also reminding me that i have a blog lol. seeing you at the ostermans and talking to you, i was like oh no! i need to write more! so here i am, writing about absolutely nothing.
so lets see, what has been going on in my life?
thanksgiving break is over. it went by way to fast by the way, as breaks always do. I look forward to them so much and then they just go by far too quickly. then again desales is a butt and we only got like a long weekend off instead of a week like most colleges. anyway, its a little under a week and a half until christmas break. i get out on my birthday which is fabulous. the only thing is that i have a psych exam on my bday. barf. i hate that class. its so boring and i just want to die. the stuff is interesing but his tests...not so much. im scared for the final because we only have the option of taking multiple choice and his multiple choice is a bitch. im so glad i took the short answer for the last exam though because I got an 83 and that will hopefully raise my grade up since my other exams were not so great. now i just have to get that paper back and hand in my notes for extra credit. my motivation used to be for a car but i know thats not going to happen now. i dont really have any motivation i just want to do well. psych is my only bad class and its really frustrating me. i love that im getting better grades now then i did in high school. i mean, my grades at rpcs were shit. i hardly even tried. now i try more but im not like obsessed you know? i was never a brainiac and i never will be. i try hard but i dont push myself over the edge. just...everything here is falling into place i guess. i just hope next semester goes just as well. im excited to be a dance major. i mean, i just hope everything turns out alright. I just would hate to get there and then to just be horrible. i know i wont be the best but i really hope this will jumpstart my dancing into highgear. its always been such a big part of my life that now i really just want to be good and to love it all the time. i guess my only worry is that when they evaluate me at the end of next semester that they wont let me fully into the program but i just can't think about that now. i have to try and thankfully my dance teacher right now loves me and shes my teacher for next semester. plus she stole me as an advisee.
so lets see, what else to talk about. christmas break. can't wait. i plan on driving and seeing everyone i can. dad said we might go up to new york or connecticut or something, who knows. i just hope i get to go places where i can dress up. i love dressing up and wearing my pretty dresses and heels. it sucks not dressing up everyday in college. i tried when college started and it was easier when it was warmer but now im just...blah. and im sick for the first time [i know epic right?] and yesterday I actually wore sweatpants to class. granted they were form fitting and they werent legit sweatpants but they werent jeans either! it was a big step for me. i just can't wait for the holiday season and parties and just fun things. so if my friends are reading this, invite me to stuff! lol
hmmm what else. New Moon. Wonderful. got to see it opening night, that was a fiasco but everything turned out fine. Paul took me. Sigh, i wont even go into that either. Hes taken, wants to marry his girl and he just sees me as a friend. I'm grateful though because hes a good guy. I just wish he wasn't transferring, I could use him as a friend. Hopefully we will still talk and he'll visit. If not, I'm glad I got to know him for a short time.
Goodness I feel as if I should just write everything here thats gone down in the past couple months but nothing is coming to mind. its so crazy. my first weekend home I got to visit rpcs and it was so strange to me. like i was glad to see some people and teachers but i didnt miss it. i missed the times i had there and all my friends but i didnt miss the place itself. i guess it was a nice closure. i dont think its still hit me that im a college student and ill be 18 in 2 weeks. like that just, wow. i dont feel old enough. i wish I did. I wish I didnt feel so naive sometime. so small and looked down upon. i know im pretty mature compared to some people i just need to realize it. i just hope i physically grow up a bit more. watching the victoria secret fashion show last night made my self esteem go down the toilet but oh well. maybe dancing will get me in shape? whatever, if i'm like this for the rest of my life I will just have to learn to live with it.
speaking of physical, im supposed to get my hair done over christmas break. i dont know what to do! last time i had put so much effort into it and had so many options. i cant decide if i like my hair now or not. like i do but im not sure i want to keep it. should i get red again or should i go back to being dark? oiye. anyone whos reading this, opinions please.
so lets see, what to look forward too:
second semester
yeah i cant wait for summer. i hate the cold weather so so much. it just, bugs me. i hate walking around campus anyway and now i have to bundle up. i love layers but not when i feel like the michelin man. i just want it to be spring break, since im going to london. cant wait, should be an adventure with rachel. then in june going to disney with meredith for her graduation present. maybe we will even take a little visit to harry potter world? yes. oh that would be glorious.
anyway, i guess im nearing the end of my blog. i hate the thought because im terribly bored but oh well. kaits napping and i dont have anything to do since my classes for the day ended at 11. i feel like i should have some kind of work to do. i need to organise something, i dont know.
but until next time my friend. hopefully i will get to winter break alive and i will update again. i need to find a way to do more on this MAC. i kind of wish we had like paint or like my last computer. maybe ill do some fashion updates with some of the things that are in my wardrobe? gha who knows. i just want to blog like katie, your blog is so cute and entertaining. and i love the pictures.
ok im really ending this. i will stop rambling.